In Loving Memory of my Mom

In Loving Memory of my Mom
Cooking from the Heart

Thursday, November 12, 2015

African Amarula Fudge ......mmmm

You will need:
125ml Amarula
1 teaspoon instant coffee granules 
120g butter
125ml evaporated milk
375ml sugar
170g white marshmallows cut up
420g white chocolate pieces 

Line an 18 x 28cm rectangle dish with foil and spray some cook n bake or spray and cook. 

In the microwave heat up the Amarula and coffee until melted, about 30sec, then set aside

Over medium heat on stove, melt butter, evaporated milk, sugar and marshmallows stirring all the time until melted. 

Add the Amarula mixture and cook on high stirring all the time until it starts to thicken / caramalise. 

Remove from heat and add chocolate and keep stirring until all melted and smooth. It sets quickly so keep an eye on it. 

Pour into dish and let it cool befor you place in fridge. Takes 1 - 3 hours

Cut into small squares once set. I use a pizza cutter to cut. 

Enjoy 😊😊